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Subconsciously, women were taught to be inadequate to be loved. This is one of the many realizations that Dr. Tanja Isabella, the CEO Seductress and Founder of Rich Woman Sexy, shares in this episode. Monick Halm talks to Tanja about her unique perspectives on wealth and femininity. Tanja is an expert in the divine feminine and how it intersects with wealth for women. She is also an author, a renowned pleasure expert, and is known for her feminine power system. Today, she takes us on a journey of what the divine feminine looks like through archetypes and biblical examples, diving deeper on its connection with wealth. Don’t miss this episode to gain a unique realization of your capability as a woman to excel in real estate and life.

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Wealth And The Divine Feminine – Interview With Tanja Isabella

I am excited for our guest. As we bring you interviews with incredible women. Usually, we bring you interviews with women who are real estate investors. In this episode, we’re doing something a little differently. Our guest is Dr. Tanja Isabella. At Real Estate Investor Goddesses, we’re all about helping women invest in real estate through the divine feminine. That’s why we are called goddesses. Our guest is an expert on the divine feminine. I’m thrilled to have her here with us. I met Dr. Tanja through a group of goddesses. She’s an author and has a Doctorate in divinity with an emphasis on the divine feminine. She’s also a celebrity makeup artist and a renowned pleasure expert who’s known for her signature coaching in sex, love, wealth, and relationships.

In addition, she has 450 hours of coaching education in empowerment and pleasure. Before that, she was a dermatologist with over ten years of experience in the field of dermatology. All of that has given her the ability to help bring profound beauty, transformation, and healing for women and patients she works with. She’s been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, Glamour, Wall Street Journal, and the Real Estate Investor Goddesses show. She has a unique feminine power system that teaches women how to beautifully and powerfully transition into every aspect of their life of confidence, flow, ease, and grace. Welcome, Tanja.

Thank you. I’m happy to be here. It feels good to be here and share the space with you and with all these other beautiful women.

The pleasure is all ours. I love your story. You’re a dermatologist. How did you get started working with clients and the divine feminine?

I want to share a little bit with my personal story and how I got there because that’s a huge part of it. I grew up in a household where my parents both worked hard. They struggled with money and they had multiple jobs. My mom was more of a stay-at-home mom and raised the kids. I saw how much they struggled. I grew up in a family where there were generational sexual and physical abuse in a long lineage of my mom’s family, including her at the age of five, grandmothers, and great grandmothers. At that time, I saw women as something weak. I knew I didn’t want that for myself. I knew I wasn’t that. I knew I was strong-willed and powerful. At that point, I renounced what I call the feminine and I embraced the masculine. I became a tomboy and played competitive sports. I was a perfectionist. I had perfect attendance. I went to college and got an advanced degree in a male-dominated world, and I thought I made it.

I bought my first house at 26 on the water and then I realized when I woke up, I was exhausted, burnt out, bitter, and depleted. I had to take a look around and say, “What is wrong?” I had met a lot of girlfriends when I was in a sorority in college. I knew a lot of strong women, but I knew there was something in me that had embraced the feminine more. I was taking care of my family. As women do, I was the career woman and the caretaker, and I was depleted. I knew I wanted something different. I knew I wanted to heal the generational curse of my ancestry. I wanted to heal having mediocre relationships in my life in what I’ve seen with men and women. I knew I wanted to heal my family tree. At some point, I started doing embodiment work, so I started doing meditation and yoga. I studied Tantra and I started to feel better. I then realized that part of that was missing and it was the sexuality piece.

I started studying under the world’s best sexuality experts and femininity experts. I went on to become a sex, love, and relationship coach, and I’m about 450 hours into coaching education. I felt more vibrant, alive, integrated, and more like myself, but I knew there was still that last nugget, evolution, and piece of something that was missing for me. I had a career. I embrace my sexuality. I’m doing all this embodiment work, but there was a piece of me that was still missing. I started thinking about my spiritual life. I grew up religious and I started thinking about this experience I had when I was a teenager, about thirteen years old. I was at a Sunday school class called CCD. I ended up walking out and never going back because a man told the class that if you’d kiss a boy, you were going to hell. I looked at him and I’m like, “It’s too late for me. Why am I wasting my time?” He looked shocked and flabbergasted.

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I walked out and I never went back. It brought this sadness and depression where I knew there was a part of me that was this embodied woman. I desired boys and I enjoyed kissing my boyfriend at the time, even though I was a young thirteen-year-old girl. I felt like I was fragmented almost at that moment. There was something in me that wasn’t allowed to fully express myself in the spiritual world. It was heartbreaking. Even though I still. Spirituality, I knew I couldn’t return to that at that time. Through my evolution, I knew spirituality was that last key. I began sending them in archetypes through Yang and Caroline Myss. I started to study more of the divine feminine, anywhere from Green Tara to Quan Yin to Kali, to name a few. I began to see the true essence of the divine feminine in the Bible. My world woke up and opened up.

At that moment, I then truly became an empowered woman in all aspects of my life, whether that was the spiritual, sexual, financial, and physical. I felt like I was that truly integrated woman that I knew who I was. That’s where I teach women. I teach them to work with their desire in a sacred way that awakens their true path to power, love, beauty, and prosperity where they can be all facets of themselves. That was my path towards my connection to beginning to work with the divine feminine. I went on to get my doctorate in divinity and studied the divine feminine more. That was how my evolution came to integrate all of that.

I’d love to step back a moment to define for people reading. What do you mean by the divine feminine? How would you describe it?

There is a connection between the divine feminine, wealth, and women. If you look at our society, what it teaches us, and what we’re programmed to believe, the truth is different. If you look at feminine archetypes, the way that we grow up, and what our programmings are, they’re typically through fairy tales. As a young girl, you see Ariel. She gives up her world and her voice in order to find love. Bella gives up her father in order to find love. Cinderella is the servant girl in order to find love, and the list goes on and on. In those experiences, there’s typically no union of the feminine. Usually, the mother is dead or there’s an evil stepmother or stepsister. To make it even worse, a woman who’s truly empowered and truly knows what she wants is this evil queen filled with darkness and loneliness, and is destined to a life of isolation. That’s what we are programmed to believe. This relates to wealth consciousness, what we are subconsciously taught as women is that we have to be in deficit in order to be loved.

I see this often. This could mean women are hardly making ends meet and hoping men will bail them out. It could be six-figure women who stay in deficit and debt, and they don’t know why. I see this in some women who are programmed to believe that they can’t have both men and money, so they outman the man in their lives. They may be strong independent financial women, but they don’t have that love and that personal life they desire. I see that often with the women I work with this false sense of power. It’s almost like they’re holding the stack of cards that they feel if they surrender and let go, everything’s going to come tumbling down. A lot of this is why women tend to self-destruct. They only take their wealth and their love to a certain level because there’s an underlying belief or the smush that if you have too much power, you’re going to be that renounced evil queen. That mentality that we have to be in lack and depletion in order to find love and to be lovable.

The other aspect of that that we are taught when it comes to femininity and religion is that in order to be spiritual women, we have two options. We’re either the sacrificial nun renouncing our sexuality, which is what happened to me that thirteen-year-old girl. “Because you kissed a boy, you’re doomed and that fits for you,” or you have to be the martyr, which is the spiritual woman who renounced his wealth, beauty, her wants and needs, and desire for something and someone else. All of it is simply untrue. What we have to remember is the inner life. It’s the divine feminine that bursts the divine masculine. As the queen, we birth to kings. We need to stop unconsciously being in this deficit and we need to create a new financial paradigm and a mental realm or a realm in general. What better way to create an empire as a queen through real estate and changing the face of the planet.

That’s why I’m excited in many ways. Physically, you can create an empire. That’s where the divine feminine began. That’s what I want to take you on the journey of what the divine feminine looks like through archetypes and even biblically. The first thing that I like to share with you is if you look in the Bible, it’s Luke 8:1-3, they’re a group of women and goddesses, named Susanna, Joanna, and Mary Magdalene, that funded Jesus’ mission. These were financially empowered women who didn’t believe in luck, had a new vision for the future, and are passionate. Even Joanna, if you get into these women, her husband ran the household of the man that killed John the Baptist. It’s not like she even grew up in a household of people that revered Jesus.

REIG Tanja | The Divine Feminine

The Divine Feminine: There is a connection between the divine feminine, wealth, and women.


This was her own passion. She funded this on her own because it was in her belief system. One of the things, too, is if you look at Mary Magdalene, who I reap my Doctor of Divinity on. What was beautiful about her is that when women couldn’t bear witness, she was chosen by Christ to be the person that not only witnessed the crucifixion but witnessed the resurrection. You have to think about how powerful that was at the time when women couldn’t bear witness. She was the chosen one. She was the one chosen to do that. That’s where the divine feminine comes in. It is following your passions, purpose, guidance, and wisdom, and not having that lack mentality.

I see this connection with the divine feminine and wealth. It’s getting past these fairy tales and owning that to be wealthy is to be spiritual. It means to embody all of the aspects of the feminine as a part of our lives, welfare, beauty, sexuality, and everything. You’ve started this show with some of the blocks between women and being financially successful. Having these fairy tales of that connection between finances and love keeps a lot of women from either getting money at all or they keep them in debt. Are there some other blocks you see between women and being financially successful?

There are a few. This is another reason that I like real estate and how it ties in together. If you study Tantra, it’s the union of opposites. You see the union of opposites and even opinions in the Civil War times in the Northern and Southern ways of freedom. We’re a part of that freedom, freedom of expression, the individual, movement, and ability to choose your destiny, which is more what we call the Shakti principle. The other freedom was there was power in owning land and power in having something tangible. That was important because a lot of women are afraid of financial responsibility or financial burden. They almost renounce the masculine. They don’t want that structure and discipline because it’s wonderful to be a queen. To satisfy as a queen, you can be exhausted and burnt out because you’re taking care of your home and people. You want that freedom and movement.

One of the things that’s beautiful about real estate is that you have that individual freedom and that freedom of expression. You’re not trading dollars for hours, but you’re still grounded and you still have something tangible. That’s also one of the things that I see as one of the barriers that women have. This fear of being restricted or controlled or overwhelmed with responsibility. Real estate is a beautiful way that can bring that balance where they can have that harmony and that balance of what they want. The other thing is a lot of times when I do work with women, some of those blocks have been financially successful.

Luck and love can’t live in the same place. A lot of times, when they have difficulty making money, they have difficulty connecting to the masculine in some way. A lot of times, when I work with women and heal their sex lives or show the relationships with men or heal that past trauma they’ve had, they can make more money because if you think about it in a way, money is our prince charming. It’s this financial principle and it’s what gives us security and protection. A lot of times, there can be some underlying wounds or pain with the masculine and not having to personalize a desire that can block them from making the financial money that they would like.

It’s powerful, deep, and archetypal. I can see how much you love it and it’s that powerful, deep work.

In a way, money is God’s energy. I used to always say, “We’re all created in the image of God. Why do they call God a man if we’re all created with no woman alike?” What I’ve realized, at least in my belief system, is our souls are feminine. We are the divine receivers. As women, we should divinely receive because we’re anatomically designed to do that, but God the giver. It’s the masculine of the giving and the feminine of receiving. It’s the souls that receive and God that gives. For me, money is God’s energy. It’s the divine masculine expressed in love and light.

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What advice do you have for a woman who is trying to be more financially successful, whether that’s successful in real estate investing or any other way?

One, it’s important to use beauty and pleasure as a power source.

What do you mean by that?

For example, truth is beauty, beauty is truth. To live in beauty means to fully express yourself and all forms of creation. Creation is the most powerful force in the world. You live to find order. You have a sense of creating beauty, connection, and harmony. For example, a rose is an opportunity for beauty to happen. The physical body is an opportunity for love to happen. Owning real estate is an opportunity for communities to be born and start economics to change. As women, we have this keen sense that we need to own more financial power because we have the sensitivity to help others protect the earth, to care, and bring other people up with us. The world is lacking that sensitivity. Another biblical example of Queen Esther in the Bible, who was a common woman and a template dancer. She used her beauty to seduce the king to save the entire Jewish lineage.

They don’t mention her by name but the Queen of Egypt, the first Queen to become Pharaoh was the first to become king. She had the most thriving empire in the Egyptian presence. It’s believed that during her rule, every Egyptian artifact we have in any museum was under her rule. She was beautifully married, so you don’t hear about her having these dysfunctional archetypes like with Cleopatra. The other thing is if you look at what archaeologists think, her name was Hatshepsut. They believe that she was the Pharaoh’s daughter that pulled Moses out of the river. Through love and beauty, she was responsible for saving her entire lineage because if Moses didn’t exist, if he would have drowned and she didn’t pull them out of the water with love and compassion, then the world might be different.

Also, pleasure is a good power source because we have to heal that slave girl mentality. We have to become these sovereign queens and empresses. We let go that through also healing the nun archetype and that is through our sexuality. Men do it all the time, Monick. Men integrate their sexuality in the workplace all the time. The tallest man and the most erect man, but they don’t call it sexuality. They call it charisma. If you look at ties where they point, they point to a man’s penis. Men bring sexuality in the workforce all the time, but it’s integrated that we don’t even recognize that we call it charisma. Part of it is not cutting off our pleasure. It doesn’t mean that we have to be to the extremes but not cutting off her sexuality and realizing that it creates desire, mojo, and vibrancy and makes us radiant amplifiers. When we feel good, we’re in our passions and pleasure, we attract more people.

You can’t truly be an empowered woman unless you can influence others and the people near you. We have to integrate that pleasure as a power source. The last piece of advice as far as being financially successful in real estate if a woman’s feeling challenged, is we have to remember that the divine feminine is abundant. As a woman, if you give a woman sperm, she’ll make a child. If you give her house, she’ll make a home. If you give Mother Nature a seed, she’ll create a garden, farm, forest, an orchard that will feed the people. We are only limited by our perception, creativity, and imagination. Also, when you’re stuck, even time itself, look at it as a feminine principle. Sometimes as women, we’re like, “This hasn’t happened in the time that we want.”

REIG Tanja | The Divine Feminine

The Divine Feminine: Money is a woman’s Prince Charming which gives security and protection.


We wanted it to happen quicker but the feminine way of looking at time is cyclical and seasonal, and that we’re always making an announcement. We will always get to the hardest. It might be those few there in the winter and we can’t see it, but if we put our heart, attention, and desire on it that we will always get to the harvest. Real estate is revolutionary. It’s such a beautiful way to create a realm and a new reality where we create more wealth, community, connection, and commerce. The world needs us to stop being in this deficit mentality and become the queen so we can break the chains and change the entire masculine in the financial power structure.

I do want to get to your trinity but before we do that, how can people connect with you to find out more about you and your social media?

My website is If they want to connect with me there, they can reach me there.

The trinity is a brag, gratitude, and desire. That’s how we conclude every episode. What do you brag and what are you celebrating?

I celebrate that I got back from Paris. I did an amazing photoshoot and video shoot. I desire the Paris Ritz-Carlton on the anniversary of Princess Diana’s death. She’s a prime example of a woman that should have had more in her personal life but did so much good in the world. You had to have these special permits and all these rules. The feminine way, the queendom and they ended up giving me an entire courtyard to film in. Also, I celebrate that I love to travel. I got back from New York City doing a workshop on foundations of power and I’m leaving for Palm Springs for a week. I’ll be in Vegas. I had to brag and celebrate that I have a lot of great opportunities to travel and share this work. My desire is I desire for all women to have the juiciest, most magical relationship with men and women. Stand in their sovereignty and their divinity as the queens that they are.

So shall it be or so much better than you can ever imagine. Lastly, what are you grateful for?

I am grateful for the opportunity to be on this show and to be in the presence of such amazing, powerful and beautiful women like yourself. I’m grateful that you did something different for me than the typical show you did, so thank you. I love how you’re creating this beautiful council, serving humanity, and uplifting women. I’m grateful to you for this experience. Through your inspiration, we’re going to look at it probably before I leave for Palm Springs for six townhomes. I’m trying to stretch my real estate venture. Thanks for your inspiration.

You’re welcome. You all can find Dr. Tanja Isabella at and find me or at our Facebook page, Real Estate Investor Goddesses. We will see you next episode. Stay divine. Bye.

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