Struggling with fear and financial losses from divorce, Linda von Wowern finds the inner strength and support she needs to pursue her dream of real estate investing in an inspiring sisterhood of women. Linda von Wowern is a Wealthy Goddess of the Month and student in the Wealthy Goddess program. She has overcome her fear of real estate investing and is now building a portfolio of rental properties to create passive income for her and her family.






  • Overcoming Fear in Real Estate Investing – How has Linda von Wowern done this?
  • Creating a Positive and Supportive Community of Women – What has this done for Linda and how can it help other women?
  • Building a Portfolio of Real Estate Investment – What strategies has Linda used to do this and what advice does she have for others?






Welcome to the Real Estate Investor Goddesses Podcast. I’m your host, Monique Halm. And on this episode, we have a very special guest. So this particular guest is one of our incredible wealthy goddesses. She is a student in our Wealthy Goddess program. She’s a wealthy Goddess of the Month and I interviewed her to share her story. So, enjoy.

All right, well, I’m so happy to be welcoming our wealthy Goddess of the Month, Linda von Wowern. Welcome, Linda. I’m so excited about what you have accomplished, what you’ve done since you joined the program. So I’d love to hear, what were your real estate investing goals when you joined the program ? How long have you been in the community, and what were your goals when you joined?


I met you for the first time in 2019. Then I was pretty crushed in the real estate. I had some bad deals that went through divorce, and it was just I had fear. But it was still my… that inner desire, that kind of, “Oh,” I thought, “I would do this,” but I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t know how. So I think my desire was I wanted to learn more and I wanted to build a portfolio of different kinds of real estate investment. The first time I met you, I was just blown away of the community, and it was exactly what I needed at that time.


Amazing. Yes. I remember you came in, you had had experience before, but you’d had some really bad experiences and you were really gun shy to move forward.


Yes, I had lost a lot of money and working with contractors that didn’t show up, and it felt scary and it felt not worth it. Coming to this, I was actually invited on my amazing CPA. She was going to speak on your stage, Marie, and she said, “You need this, Linda. You need this community,” and kind of picked me up thing. And, yeah, I’m very thankful that she invited me, actually. Since then, a lot of things have happened, and I worked a lot with… the most I think is most important is the mindset and overcoming fear and being in a community of caring sisterhood and women. That has been so big for me.


When you originally joined  the program, why did you… you were at our event. You were at a three-day live event in LA at the time. And what made you join the program?


I wasn’t going to join anything when I went there. And first of all, I was like I have no money. I have minus money. That’s how I was, and fearful. So I joined on your lowest kind of thing because I was like, “I cannot be without this.” When I felt the energy and I felt the community and I felt this is exactly what I need. Because my passion for investing in real estate was still there. It was like growing, but doing it on your own or figuring things out felt so daunting and felt like, “No,’ but here I felt and I met so many amazing people doing all kinds of real estate investing that I didn’t even know existed. And yeah, I was totally inspired. So, yeah, I joined. And since then I’ve been kind of hanging along on different levels.


Yeah, you have. You’ve done amazing things. So what have you accomplished since joining Brag Away?


Brag Away? Well, I’m a real estate agent in Florida, but my passion is really real estate investing and also helping investors that want to invest in Florida and things like that. So that I’ve done too.


Yeah, some of our goddesses you’ve helped get properties.

And I’m happy to do that. Florida is a great place to have vacation rentals. And I realized, before I did lots of fix and flip that was a little scary. Now, recently we’ve done bought a home in Sedona. After our trip, we went with the goddesses there. I just felt like, “Wow, this is the place to have a vacation rental.” So in the middle of really difficult times where nobody can really find a house in a good price, I managed. We found this home. It was really quick, like 4 hours after we made a deal and then we got it way under and we have remodeled it. Totally renovated from distance.


From Florida. You got this house in Arizona that you’ve been.


No, and now, it’s been, I think, crazy. So we have like a cash flow of 3000 to 4000 extra a month when everything is paid. So that’s pretty fantastic. Yeah. I mean, I love people and homes. So for me, dealing with Airbnb and so it’s not really a problem. I love it. I think I greet them and if there’s a little problem, you fix it. But what is important, we found a really good handyman and we actually don’t pay anyone to do the management because I thought, “No, we lose too much money.” So we have cameras, we do everything from distance…

To manage it.

Yeah. And it works really good. We became super hosts in three months.


Wow. One property making you three to four, actually, if I remember correctly, you and your partner, you came to our real estate investor Soulmates Retreat and he was saying that you were getting that there was a certain amount you were getting each. So it sounded like it was more like 4000 to 6000 a month cash flow, more than that.


It depends on the month. But the crazy thing is there people pay high rents and it looks beautiful. And when you have all five stars and everything, it gets fully booked. So I see all the time, if we have like just a tiny open, it gets booked.


Right away. That’s amazing. And then you have another rental where you live.


Yeah. So we’re basically like house hacking. So we’re on Sierra Cay in Sarasota. Yeah. So we have a rental, two bedrooms, two baths right here. That is really good. Really, has some good costs.


It sounds like that. It’s a lot of cash flow and you’ve just gotten another property internationally. So tell us about that one.


Yeah, so I am originally from Sweden and my partner is from Germany. So we were like, “Oh,” we go there in the summers and everything, but we thought, “Oh, Spain, that’s kind of in the middle.” So we were there last summer and I went there with an intention. I told him maybe we should buy one. So I researched. So I had contact with good agents there. It’s really important because you don’t even need to have a license to work in real estate there. So it’s kind of important that you have good people that you know. So I had that. But when we went south, I didn’t like it. I was like, “No, this is too crowded, too expensive, not good.” So I went with my gut feeling. I had a friend that bought higher up in Denia. I told my partner, let’s go there. We drove 8 hours, we were there for 20 hours only. We met with several agents and we had signed an offer on a condo 50ft from the beach and amazing price, everything. So that was really exciting. And it’s a different thing with attorneys and some things you need to know. It’s fun.


So that one I know is just new. So you’re still in the rehab phase?


Yes, we’re renovating also that’s from distance, but that has worked really good. So we’re going to go over there in spring break and make sure it’s furnished nice. So that’s exciting.


I love it. I love it. So what would you say? What have you appreciated most of it? Being part of the program.


Oh, that’s hard because it is so much. Definitely, it is the community that everybody is coming together as sisterhood. Yeah, it has helped me to come back to my passion and do real estate investing as I want to do. But it also has helped a lot in my life, going through difficult things and whatever it is, because it’s so much about mindset and humanity, you’re so much about taking care of yourself and be a woman and have pleasure in your life. And I had kind of forgot those things. I was just working and mainly almost thinking life is a little problem to be solved instead of an adventure to be lived. I think a lot of people kind of go through that we kind of just run and do. Being part of the Goddess Investor team is more brought in the passion back in my life. Yeah, I have amazing friends. It’s just sisterhood. Whatever it is, it doesn’t have to be just real estate. It’s life. How you turn into more positive ways. That is the biggest thing. And our Sedona trip really changed a lot for me. That was a very cool trip.


That was a huge trip. So we did  a Sedona Goddess Retreat, which was not really about real estate, it was about transformation. And you came back and got your Sedona property right away?


Yeah, right away. And the thing is, I got more and more connected with my inner intuition. So when I told my partner we’re doing this, he was just feeling, “Yeah, okay.” Because it was just no question about it, and we just checked, okay, all the numbers make sense, and then it just go and that’s kind of relieving in a way when you can trust your inner feelings and coming more in contact with us. That’s the best with the community.


I love that. And you also were just recently at our SoulMates Retreat, which you came to with your partner. So how was that for you? And would you get out of that going to that?


It was good because I think he got open up his eyes for different things. And I mean, he’s been seeing me on the Zooms and all that and being involved, for sure. But I think it brought us closer together to talk about things in life and real estate investing, and also learning about when something we’re different and how that can be really positive and great, but also learning how to talk and handle different things. And we met so amazing people. That really inspired us. So that is the most fun part, to be so inspired of other real estate investors.


It’s an amazing community. So what is one piece of advice you’d like to give to a woman who’s at the beginning of her journey with real estate investing?


Trust your inner gut. If you have that feeling you really want to do real estate investing and you don’t know how, it doesn’t matter. It is seeing that, ending the dream. I think it’s very important to connect with the right people that can bring both your energy, be around people that kind of support what you want, that is. And taking small steps. Challenge yourself a little bit. And sometimes we just put, “Oh, I don’t have the money,” or I don’t know, or it’s always something, but then, you can always find those things from other people. So just take the first step and surround yourself with people that what you want to do.


Yeah. Love it. It’s great advice. Would you recommend the Wealthy Goddess Program? And if so, why?


Yeah, I’m not paid to say this.

Just totally not.

No, of course, I would. It’s life changing, if you want to make it that way, for sure. Yeah, I would recommend  any woman that wants to do real estate investing and believe in personal growth, and being positive, and having some pressure and happiness in life. This is really, really good. So that’s all I can say. I cannot think about not being in this group. So…


I’m so happy you’re here. It’s such a joy to have you part of it. Yeah, it’s amazing. So we’re going to conclude with the Trinity, which is a brag of gratitude and a desire. So what is your brag?


I have overcome my fear for real estate investing and coming back to my passion and my dreams that I really want to do. That’s my biggest brag.


One thing you’re grateful for?


I think I’m grateful for all communities of women that I have in my life. This community. I have a few other communities, but I am extremely grateful for that and all that. But…

There’s a lot to be grateful for.


And last but not least, what’s one desire?


I’m going to make this for real estate now. And desire is I want to really build a nice portfolio of real estate investing that gives me a good amount of passive income for future and for my children. And I also have a desire of helping other women because I’ve been going through a lot of difficult phases in my life and I’ve learned to handle it through mindset and feeling and other things. And I know with support and help, we can find back to our pleasure and the life we really want to live. So, yeah, that’s my desire.


So shall your desire be worth so much better than you can imagine, under grace and in perfect ways.

Thank you.

I’m so excited for you, for all that you’re doing and will be doing. I know it’s still just the beginning, but I love that you’ve created thousands of dollars a month of extra income, but mostly, you’ve gotten over your fear and you’re reconnected with your passion.


And that is, what can you say that is worth? I think it’s amazing. That’s what I’m saying. It is life changing. So…


Thank you and congratulations and I’ll see you soon.


See you soon. Bye.


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