When Krista Mashore discovered that her husband cheated on her, drained their accounts, and left her broke and alone with two young daughters, she knew she had to take some drastic actions to make sure they were all ok. This unfortunate beginning has led to a prosperous and incredible life. In this interview with Monick Halm, Krista shares the secrets and advice that have led to multi-million dollar success despite her challenges.

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Secrets to Creating a Multi-Million Dollar Business & Portfolio with Krista Mashore


  • How Krista teaches real estate agents and lenders to use social media and digital marketing to dominate their local markets
  • How she has developed strategies to rewire her brain to think differently about money and success.
  • Overcoming challenges and making her past an objective motivation to reach her goals.

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Welcome to the Real Estate Investor Goddesses Podcast,  I’m your host, Monick Halm, and on this show, we interview badass, incredible women that are crushing it in the real estate space, and today’s guest is certainly no exception. I’m super excited to have you with us, Krista Mashore, who is an investor and a realtor. She’s actually one of the top 1% sense agents nationwide and has been for over 17 years. She’s sold over 2300 homes personally and has generated over $39 million of revenue online, helping other real estate agents just in the past five years. She’s the author of four best selling books, and she is our guest today. Welcome, Krista.

Hi Monick, thanks for having me. I love the name of your show. I love your password. That was ‘goddess.’

We’re all about the goddess here. You are very goddessly. So I’m super excited you’re here. You’re a realtor, but how did you get started investing in real estate?

I was in real estate for a very short time, and my husband at the time ended up having an affair and leaving me. And he liked, drained our accounts, and we had no money, and we had just bought in a brand new house, and I realized very quickly, “Oh, gosh, I need to make some money.” So I started selling real estate. I was a teacher before that, and I ended up selling 69 homes my first year in real estate. And then I said to myself, “Okay, Krista, the goal was to try to buy a house cash every three years.” So that was kind of my goal. So I started saving up money and started investing a long time ago. But I didn’t do it like most people do. I didn’t like having debt or having loans, which is not the smartest thing to do. Looking back, I wish I would have been different, but I was just afraid because the market crashed back in 2008, and I was very fortunate to be able to work with real foreclosure companies and to do short sales and I sold a ton of homes. But I saw so many people lose everything, and I kind of come from a pretty humble background, so I just didn’t like having the loans. So since then, we just recently sold quite a few properties, actually. I thought the market was in a crash two years ago. So I sold, like five houses that I probably shouldn’t have sold. I should have waited. That’s one of my mistakes I made, right? But we’ve got four rental properties in Florida, two rental properties in Idaho, and we have three real estate rentals in California. We own our home outright as well. And then I just did a big investment for a million dollars in a commercial rental type apartment complex just a couple of weeks.

Amazing. That’s so great. So you’ve been selling, but then you’ve been investing, so you own them, and where is home now?

I live in California, so I live in between Sacramento and San Francisco.

Okay. All right, so you’re in Cali, but have investments all over the country. You can live where you want to live, invest where the numbers make sense. 


Yeah. So beautiful. And I know you work with realtors and you help them, and tell us a little bit about that, what you’re currently working on, what you’re most passionate about?

Yeah, so I used to be a teacher prior to getting into real estate, and so I love teaching and coaching. And so, I’ve actually been in real estate for 20… 21 years, and I still have a real estate license. I don’t really sell like I used to. That’s why I say top 1%, 17 years, because I was in top 1% realtor up until the year that I left to be a real estate coach full time. That year, that I left to coach, I had sold 154 homes. I’m trying myself that year. But since I’ve left, the numbers keep dropping because I’m not there. I’m not doing it. My real estate company is like the wicked stepchild, and my coaching business has been at the forefront of what I do. So I teach real estate agents and lenders how to utilize social media and digital marketing to dominate their local markets using nontraditional techniques. So we teach people how to stand up. And honestly, it works great for investors, too. 

If you’re looking for off market properties or you’re wanting to work with more realtors, and you can become known as the person that buys off market properties or someone who has cash that can fix and flip or fix and hold or help somebody to get out of that situation, you can use video and constantly marketing yourself through video, locally. I teach people how to run ads and how to target people and to retarget people, and that’s what I teach my agents to do. And it’s been amazing because they’re doing something that nobody else is doing. And the goal is that anytime somebody thinks about the community, or they think about real estate to think about the person, right?

So I would ask you or your listeners, does everybody know that you do what you do, right? If you’re looking to buy flips or you’ve got cash and you can come in and save the day, if everybody in your market should know that, if they don’t, the best way to start making that known is to utilize video content by educating people, getting the message out there. And the best way to do it is by marketing, by putting a little bit of an ad budget behind it. We specialize in Facebook.

That’s awesome. That’s so great. So you’ve been crushing it there. So what do you think? You’ve had the number like the top 1% in terms of agents for so long. You’re definitely top 1% in terms of online businesses at that level that you’re working at, what do you attribute your success?

Okay, so I think you really have to have a strong reason why you want to be successful. I know they say that, and it seems overrated, but when I sold 69 homes in my first year, it was because I actually haven’t lived at home since I was 13. I have a great relationship with my parents now, but my mom was physically abusive when I was younger. So when I turned 13, I started running away from home, got sent to juvenile hall, then I got sent to a group home for a year, and then I was in a foster home from that point forward. 

And so when my husband left, I had two young girls, two small babies, and I was just so desperate to keep them safe and secure and happy in their home that that why helped me sell 69 homes my first year.

And then from that point on, it was almost like I was so afraid. I had that fear of money lost because I didn’t have any money, and I had to put myself through college and get loans, and I was in the foster home. All my friends got to wear Gucci and all the cool stuff, and I was wearing Kmart clothes. So I just didn’t want my kids to have to do that. And so because of that, it really propelled me to just want more for them. 

And so I just worked really hard, and then I kept working hard because I had that fear of loss, which is a horrible way to be done. It’s like the worst way to make money. I’ve had to really learn how to develop a much stronger relationship with money and know that it’s here to stay forever, and it comes in increasing quantities through multiple avenues every single day, and it’s easy to get. And that really helped my success as well. But, yeah, just like a strong drive, work ethic, I think sometimes you can’t really teach that to somebody, and I’m just very driven. 

I think a lot of times the drive in the past came from me not feeling like it was good enough or worthy enough or a lot of mental baggage happens to you when you’re physically abused by a parent and you haven’t lived at home since you were younger. So I’ve had to really kind of fight those demons. And once I really got them under control, it’s like the rest is history.

I love that. There’s so much there that you just said about the strong why having something that really motivates you for you with your daughters, it was like making sure that you were secure, they were secure. And then, also, working through those money blocks and beliefs, we do a lot in my program because it makes such a huge difference what people are able to achieve. I heard that mantra did something very similar to what I said when it comes to me multiple days every day, what did you do to help shift your money? Your money stories, your money mindset? What did you do?

So it’s so funny. I’m obsessed with the brain and how the brain works. I shouldn’t even be a real estate coach. I should be a brain trainer. Because when you have physical abuse of a parent, there is a lot of trauma that happens and so your brain is kind of wired in a lot of cases for scarcity. So I’ve had to retrain my brain. 

I actually have written a book, It’s called ‘Stop, Snap and Switch.’ Train your brain to unleash your limitless life. It’s going to be coming out in January. The whole book talks all about how the brain works and there’s all this scientific research, which I write in a very fun, easy way to learn about. And all these studies on the brain and our thought processes and how we can use our brain to hurt us or to absolutely elevate us to have the best life that we want. 

So one of those strategies that I do is… first of all, I’m obsessed with learning and educating myself. And I really am not just someone who watches or reads. I actually implement what I’m learning. So one strategy I developed was a strategy called Stop, Snap, and Switch, which basically we have between 30 and 60,000 thoughts a day. And because of the negativity and the news and our past, many of the thoughts that we have, most to them, quite frankly, are a lot of negative thoughts. We’re always looking at why I can’t and all the bad things that can come up. 

And so what I’ve trained myself to do and I train other people to do, is to stop and notice all the things that you’re saying. So the first thing is stop and then snap the bracelet, right? Because when you do a physical thing with your brain, it’s like it notifies you like, “Oh, I just do that again.” And then you switch the bracelet to the other side and you restate or rethink or restate that negative comment. So it’s like, “Oh, my God, money is so hard. There’s no money.” It’s like “Oh, no. Money comes easily and frequently and increasing quantities through multiple avenues.” And it’s like a matter of just absolutely changing the way you think about things. 

And the cool thing about this is that I actually have a challenge about it. I can talk about that later. But when you do this the right way, what happens is that first of all, you notice just how negative you are, how many horrible things you say about yourself that you would never say to anybody else. And then you train your brain, which your brain literally can be trained both consciously and unconsciously to rewire what you think about everything. And so I had to rewire how I thought about money. And the thing about it is that having that fear in their lack keeps giving you more fear and more lack, right? So I had to completely be aware of what I was saying and just start having a different self-talk and acting differently and just training myself to view life, quite frankly, differently than I was. 

And when I really got the hold of that, I mean, I did great in real estate. I think my best year in real estate, I did about either 1.6 million or 1.8 million in gross commissions. And it took me about 14 years to get there, right? Well, we do a million dollars a month now, so we bring in a revenue, of course, there’s expenses, a lot of them, quite frankly, but no one ever talks about that. But we’re doing, on average, about 1.5 million a month in revenue coming in. And it took me… I hired the right coach. He got me to go to a million dollars in a year, in one year, which took me 14 years to do. Then I hired him and invested more into his program in his trading, and now he got me to a million dollars a month, right? 

So it’s just a matter of just thinking about things differently, being around the right people, knowing and believing that you can absolutely do it and just being in control of what you are saying because whether you say you can or you say you can’t, you’re right. And your brain literally gets wired to do what you tell it and to do what you think. So if you think, “Oh, my God, money is hard and interest rates are sucking and there’s no properties out there or not,” then the brain goes, “Okay, you’re right.” You don’t look like you think. You say something different. Anyway, I’m a brain weirdo.

I am, too. You’re talking my language, sister. I love learning about neuroscience and the brain, work and that’s what creates success. So, I’m right there. I’m right there with you.

What is that people ask you, right? Like, what’s the cue? And you tell them that… I recently just spoke at a panel, and there was all these millionaires there, and we all had to give a speech. And they asked us the same question, “Where do you think your success comes from?” Almost all of them said the same thing. It’s like how they think about things and who they associate themselves with. And so it’s like people underestimate that. But people was like, “Oh, teach me how to do a million dollar funnel or $25 million.” I’m like, “I can’t help you. I can give you the blueprint, but if you don’t get your head right, it won’t make a difference.”

Like Tony Robbins said, success is 20% strategy, 80% psychology. 


I think it’s even more than 80%. 

I was just going to say—

Going on the plate, in between your ears is everything.

Yeah. Oh, my gosh. I always say that the market is in between your ears. Everything is in between your ears. I say the same thing.

Yeah, I love it. All right, so I want to ask you a question that I always ask and I love, because I think that we learn so much more from what doesn’t go well than what does. So what would you say is your biggest mistake, and what have we learned from it?

So let me give you something I just did recently. So you know how there was that huge hurricane in Florida? Well, I bought four properties in Florida, and I did not have homeowners insurance on it. So that was a big mistake because I allowed other people to handle it, and I got so busy and caught up in… I would never in a million years allow any of my clients for that to happen. But because I was doing so many things and I wasn’t involved as much and I let other people handle it for me, which is my fault. I didn’t have insurance. 

So luckily, they’re still there. They’re still there even though they were in the heart of the hurricane. But we have to wait. There are three weeks before we can get insurance because they have to go into a check and all this stuff. That’s one big mistake. Make sure you actually have insurance. Okay.

That’s a good one. 

Another mistake I think I made was I wish I would have even invested more, because had I taken all this money that I have for all these homes paid for in cash, had I taken them, maybe just got a 50% loan on them or something, I would have doubled, tripled my money. I mean, it’s amazing how much even in California, especially, over the past five years. So the average home over the past 25 years in the United States has appreciated 3.9% or 8%. We’ve appreciated about 14.9% to 15% year over year for the past couple of years. So if you take that and I would have just made so much money the past five years had I have just not been so cautious. So that was definitely a big mistake that I made. 

And I wish if I was looking back, I would have done probably something different, but for my own kind of just sense of calmness, it ended up working out. So I probably would take a little bit more risk when it comes to that. 


Yeah, more leverage. And then that’s probably two of the biggest things, because I fail all the time. I’m not afraid of failing so I don’t consider a mistake. I’m a really quick action taker. I’m very decisive in nature, and I make a lot of mistakes. But because I make some fast decisions and I take so much action that the mistakes that I make completely outweigh the things I do well, if that makes sense, because often so— 

Vice versa, like you do so many things, but so many things, like, you know…


Yeah, mistakes will happen. People make mess up. But if you learn, take the lesson, move on.

Yeah. You can’t adjust like if you’re not doing anything, you can’t adjust. So it’s better to take action and make mistakes so you can adjust and divert and change. But most people, they’re so afraid of being perfect, doing it exactly the right way, or they’re getting ready, they’re aiming, but they’re not firing enough. So one of my team members got this cool thing called ‘Get Mo.’ Good enough to move on, right? Go for it.

Awesome. I love that. So you have done a lot, and you have had incredible results. What are you most proud of?

Honestly? Everyone says they’re family and their kids, of course. I love my husband. I love my kids. I’m super proud of that. And I actually am very proud that I have a very happy marriage, and I put it first over everything. And we’ve worked through some very hard times, very hard times. So I’m very proud to be happily married and in love with my husband. 

But for any recognition that I’ve ever done, I’m most proud of this book. And I’ve written, I think, five books on digital marketing, on real estate, on changing your career. But this book is what I’m most passionate about because I feel like it’s going to make the most impact on the world and it will help anyone. Kids, adults, marriages, people. So I’m just so passionate about. This is the most proudest thing I’m ever proud of. And you don’t make any money on books. You don’t make money on books. This is what I’m proud of.

That’s great. Congratulations.

The name of the book is ‘Stop, Snap and Switch – Train Your Brain to Unleash Your Limitless Life.’ And it comes out in January. I think it’s like January 14 or something like that is the launch date.

January 14. All right. We’ll have a link. 


I love this. All right, so what advice do you have for a woman who’s just starting out in real estate investing?

What I would say is find a good mentor. You teach people how to invest. And another Tony Robbins quote, and I’ll read it to you. I just learned this quote the other day. I was taking a class. He says to me, “Modeling is the pathway to excellence. The movers and the shakers of the world are often professional modelers. People who have mastered the art of learning everything they can by following other people’s experiences rather than their own.” From Tony Robbins. 

So I would say that investing can be scary, but when you’re learning from somebody that’s done it and that teaches it, like you Monick, and that cares and has experience, it’s not scary, right? And as long as you inform yourselves, and you’re making informed-based decisions, it’s a great thing to do, especially right now, the dollar is going down and down and down and down. So it’s really not even worth the paper that it’s written on. So if you can own an asset, and even if the market changes or goes up or down, as long as you can afford to pay that mortgage and you’re getting an income, people lost their butts back in 2010. Well, it’s 2022, and those houses have quadrupled eight times, ten times the amount. If they just would have stuck with them, they would have well made-up their money. So as long as you can afford to pay the rent and it’s working for you or the mortgage, go for it. So I would say do it, and do it now.

Do it now and get mentorship and support. 


That’s good advice. And before we get into our famed end of trinity, what do you wish you’d known at the beginning that you now know?

That it’s all going to be okay. Everything is going to work out, and good things are meant to happen? It’s scary doing it. It’s so scary. If I would have only known, and I’ve seen all kinds of markets. Another mistake that I made, I didn’t say this. Two years ago, I sold… oh, gosh, it was probably $4 million worth of real estate. That would have turned into $8 million of real estate had I waited. I wish I would have waited and not been afraid the market was going to crash and the sky is falling, because the advice that I just gave was like I didn’t take it. So I lost $4 million, basically.

Oh. Yeah. Timing is when a lot of people try to time the market. Either sell too quickly or they wait. What’s even worse is waiting to get in. Because it’s like, “Don’t wait to buy real estate, buy real estate and wait.”

That’s so true. Buy real estate and wait. And now is a great time for people because there’s supposed to be a lot of opportunities happening over the next 24 months, I think so it’s going to be great.

I think so. All right, so before trinity, what’s the best way for people to get in touch or find out more about what you do?

Yeah, obviously. Go to Krista Mashore. Just find me on all socials, Krista Mashore. It’s with the K, and it’s M-A-S-H-O-R-E. But you can also go to kristamashore.com/goddess, and we can send you to an event which teaches you how to utilize marketing and really to stand out in your sphere. And I will say there’s so much opportunity for that, for investors where they don’t like no one is doing it. So for the person that really kind of takes that type of marketing on, we’ll just crush their business.

All right. Love it. Okay, so @kristamashore on all the socials and then kristamashore.com/goddess, and again, we’ll have the links.


So you can go check it out. Okay. Now it is time for our end of trinity. So trinity is a brag of gratitude and a desire. So what’s one thing you’re celebrating right now with a brag?

Okay, I want to brag about it. This is it. I literally didn’t finish the book, so my Stop, Snatch and Switch book, that’s it. Because it took me a really long time to write it, and it’s like my passion project. So that is something I’m very passionate and proud of.

So well bragged. Congratulations. Thank you. I’m having written books, I know it’s a lot of work–


So to get to the end with the big brag. Well, congrats. And what’s one thing you’re grateful for?

My relationship with my husband. I still love him like crazy. We have fun together. We’re best friends, and I still think he’s super sexy. We have awesome sex. It’s pretty cool, especially even 51 years old.

Love it. All right. Beautiful. And lastly, what’s one thing you desire?

I really desire to make a massive impact in the world. I know it sounds crazy, but people say, I don’t really know what my life is when I die, I want people to think and say that Krista really helped me, and she really made an impact on me. So I desire to leave this earth better than the way I found it and to leave people better than I found them.

Yeah, well, you already have.

Thank you.

More of the same, I guess, for you. They’re beautiful. Well, so shall your desire be, and even better and even more than you can imagine. 

I love that. Thank you, honey. That was so nice.

My pleasure. Thank you for being here. This was great. You can connect with Krista @kristamashore. All the socials at kristamashore.com/goddess where you can get a free event and definitely subscribe, like, and come back for another Amazing Real Estate Investor Goddess podcast interview.

She takes all this time to do this, everyone. You’re listening, make sure you give her a positive review and subscribe, because that’s how she can reach more people. So…

Thank you. You’re awesome.