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One important aspect that is necessary for real estate investors to learn is sales. Yet, not many have found a way to do it effectively. Cracking the code to more sales and influence, Founder and CEO of BANK Code, Cheri Tree, sits on this episode to share with you how you can get more yeses through identifying different people’s personalities. She discusses with us the system that she built called BANK, which is based on the science of buying behavior, and the way it helped her and so many others in the field. Learn how you can apply the code to gain more profit and apply it not only in business but also in life to build relationships.

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How To Crack The Code To More Sales And Influence – Interview With Cheri Tree

On this show, we interview incredible female bad-ass real estate investors where they share their stories. I’m super excited to have a guest with us who’s not only a real estate investor, but even more than that, she has created this amazing system that I discovered. I’m excited to have her share it with you. Cheri Tree is a bestselling author, a professional keynote speaker, executive business coach, sales trainer, and entrepreneur. She’s the Founder and CEO of BANK Code with clients in more than 40 countries worldwide, including myself.

Cheri has spoken to hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs and sales professionals globally. She’s been featured in numerous international publications and shared the stage with icons such as Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Suze Orman, Les Brown and Sir Richard Branson. She gets to be here. She’s also lectured at Harvard University and UC Berkeley, and she’s considered the number one sales personality trainer in the world. She lives in Laguna Beach, California. I’m excited to have her here. Welcome, Cheri.

Thank you, Monick. It’s nice to be here.

It’s great to have you. I do want to touch a little bit about your real estate investing because you have been a real estate investor. We’re going to focus on BANK Code, which is so valuable for everyone, especially for real estate investors. To give us a bit of your background, tell us how you got started in real estate investing.

I’m a big fan of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, and probably you and all your readers have read the book and got sucked into the cashflow quadrant, real estate riches and all those things. I did too, a number of years ago and I love what I learned. It was a great paradigm shift for me financially and the cashflow quadrant is what I loved about it. It’s the idea of trading time for dollars versus having your dollars work for you. It’s about building businesses that create a massive and passive income, and taking that income and investing it into assets like real estate property. I started off investing in real estate property and I morphed over into investing in intellectual property and developing intellectual property. I found that that was good for me and my portfolio. I spent time in real estate. My company was named Monopoly Concepts. My goal was to collect all of the property deed cards around the monopoly board.

There are 22 different deed cards, and I was working on building a portfolio. I got close to twenty different properties and about $8 million in real estate holdings. I had everything from single-family homes to duplexes and new builds. Some of my favorites were when I did model leasebacks where a new builder would build construction and I would buy the model home and let them lease it back for me. I always found that I got the best property on the lot because it was the model home. I was doing that for cashflow and whatnot. As my career path advanced me into developing my own business, I started to switch from investing into real estate to investing in intellectual property instead of real property and developing the cool stuff that we’re doing, which I’m happy to talk to you about. That’s a little bit of my background.

Awesome. Let’s talk a little bit about your intellectual property. I see your book in the background there, Why They Buy, which I own and love. I’ve highlighted my copy. I got into it. That book talks about BANK Code, which is something that you developed. Tell us a little bit about what BANK Code is.

Sales is simply your communication style and influence. Share on X

The title of my book is Why They Buy. For those of you who are in business and sales, real estate investors and you’re in sales, sales is simply influence. If you’re influencing someone to sell you their home or if you’re doing a flip or a fix and flip, there are so many different types of deal structures in real estate but you’re dealing with people. No matter if you’re dealing with the banks, those decisions, foreclosures and all those types of things are still run by people. If you’re buying homes in auctions, there are still people behind those decisions. If you’re buying a home from homeowners, dealing with renters, vendors, contractors, everybody is a person.

Ultimately, sales is your communication style and influence. In reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad, one of the things he said is that the number one skill in business is sales skills. What I found a number of years ago was that they kept saying that sales was a numbers game. In order to get more yeses, you have to get more no’s. I ended up pushing back. I got so sick and tired of hearing that. It felt like I was getting brainwashed into believing one of the greatest lies ever told. The truth is in order to get more yeses, you actually have to get more yeses, not more no’s. My question began close to years ago when I had the idea of, “I don’t want to go for no. That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of. I’d rather go for yes,” and the question becomes, “How do I get the yes and how can I get the yes as many times as possible ideally every time?”

Simultaneously I was learning about different personality types. I was taking these different assessments both in my corporate job and my side hustle. I was taking these different assessments. You guys may be familiar with assessments like DISC or NBTI or the color code, what color are you? What animal are you? What astrology sign are you? What personality type are you? In the beginning, those assessments were cool. They were even fascinating with what I learned about myself. My fascination turned into frustration when I realized that not one single one of those assessments ever made me for money. Not one of them ever helped me close a sale, helped me negotiate a deal and put money in the bank.

I remember thinking, “What is the point of all of these assessments if they don’t impact my bottom line?” What occurred to me, and you guys are all smart people, to be in real estate you’ve got to be smart in some format. I’ve turned on my brain and I decided rather than following the status quo of believing people. Instead I decided to think outside the box for a moment and thought, “Personality typing theory dates back 2,500 years ago to a guy named Hippocrates. We know him as the father of medicine. He created this theory called the four temperaments, where he figured out that he could divide the entire human race into four different types of people. Based on which person you were, he could treat you with medicine differently.”

This was 2,500 years ago. When you fast-forward to the modern world, you have all these different personality assessments and they tell you who you are, but not one of them ever told me who the buyer was or the seller, your prospects or lead. I thought, “What if we reverse-engineered personality science and made an assessment about who the buyer was? What if we could figure out what triggers the yes or what tripwires the no in the sales process?” Every other assessment tool that I was using, a lot of times people want to compare us and they want to say, “What you created is like this,” or anything else that they know that related to personality types. The truth is I say, “They’re exactly the same. You’re right. It’s only completely different.” What makes it different as every other assessment was based on psychology. BANK, the system I built was the first one based in buyology, the science of buying behavior.

Essentially what I did was I constructed an experiment that I called Bank and I wanted to see if, in fact, it would alter the outcome of getting a yes versus a no and tipping me in the direction of the win of not just playing the numbers game, but how about beating the numbers game. Before BANK, my income was up to $72,000. That was the high that I had maxed out at. The year I started experimenting using BANK in my client negotiation process, my income went from $72,000 to over $500,000 in twelve months. That’s a 695% jump in twelve months. It went to over $1 million within three years. I was full commission. By the way, this is not investment dollars.

None of my investments from real estate counts in these numbers. I was selling a product as a sales rep for a company earning commissions when I sold that product. Those were my commission incomes, not my investment income. That was huge for me. By 33 years old, I was making over $1 million a year plus my investment portfolio. Suddenly people started asking me, “Can you teach me the BANK system?” That led to me turning it into a full-blown company and teaching and training it to top business owners and entrepreneurs all over the world. Here we are.

REIG Cheri | Sales And Influence

Why They Buy

I’ll tell you why I got super excited about BANK. As an investor, I think of myself as somebody who buys, not somebody who’s selling things. Real estate is a team sport. It’s a people and relationship business. BANK for me was about how you could have better relationships. Not only does it help you to sell. You were saying that people came back saying, “My business increased 300%, saved my marriage and I can understand my kids.” That was a big reason why I invested in BANK. Once I did my code, I had my kids do their codes. I realized that my daughter had an opposite code that I do. For those of you who want to know what their codes are and you want to see it, you can go to and you can get your code. It takes less than 90 seconds, which is awesome.

It’s so great that you can send it out and people can find out their code. You’ll get a report that tells you all about your personality when you do that for free. It’s a $97 report, but you get it for free. As a nurture action knowledge blueprint, my daughter was a knowledge blueprint. She was a K and you can tell a little bit about what the different ones are. I didn’t understand her until you explained BANK and the different personalities. I finally got my daughter and it’s made such a big difference in my relationship with her. That’s priceless and it’s made me better to able to coach, to deal with the people on my team and to figure out what is motivating the sellers. It’s super valuable in all of these different ways. Even in these personal ways, it’s been life-changing.

It’s huge. How old is your daughter?

She’s ten.

Isn’t that awesome? It’s amazing. I’ve heard people say, “For the first time in 39 years, I finally understand my daughter.” Isn’t it fascinating how long you can parent a child and you know them better than anyone in the world and you still don’t know them based on their code? The code is everything. Our tagline is, “Crack the personality code and take it to the bank.” You can take it to the financial bank by negotiating way better deals, making way more money. You can take it to your emotional bank by having better relationships with your spouse, lover, kids, siblings, neighbors, and friends, all of that type of thing. We’ve got people using the BANK system for anti-bullying campaigns in schools. We’ve got people teaching it in prison systems and in marriage ministries. It’s so cool how BANK applies because it’s based on personality science and based on human behavior. You can apply it in business and make profits and you can apply it in life and build relationships with it. It’s awesome. It’s powerful.

I went to a two-day training to learn about all the different codes but you can explain it pretty quickly. Can you highlight each of the four main concepts?

For all you reading out there, Monick came to the Codebreaker Summit. It’s this awesome two-day experiential learning. It’s cool for those of you that like hands-on interactive type stuff. It was awesome. BANK is an acronym and it represents the four buying styles. B stands for Blueprint. This is going to be your person who’s conservative inside the box. I use the color blue to associate with it. They’re a cooler, more standoffish approach. They’re a stickler for rules. They have certain values that if you violate those values, you’re going to lose the deal. For example, I had a client who was ready to sign a contract with me. He told me to meet him for lunch and bring the contract. I showed up at the restaurant ten minutes late.

I don’t remember why I was late. Maybe it was traffic. I apologized for being late and thought that that would be enough. As I handed him the contract, I’ll never forget this moment because he’s put his two hands up and said, “Cheri, wait. Before we go any further, I want to let you know, I no longer want to do business with you.” I was like, “What are you talking about?” That morning he literally called and said, “I’m ready to sign the contract.” As I looked at him completely in shock, he points to his watch and he says, “It’s because you were late, you’ve disrespected my time. If this is the way you treat me before you have my money, imagine how I think you’ll treat me once you have it.”

Crack the personality code and take it to the bank. Share on X

That was such a valuable lesson. There’s an example of a blueprint to how you engage them as completely different than how you engage the A. The A for BANK is Action. I use the color red. These are the movers and shakers and millionaire makers. Their hair’s on fire. They act like they drank Red Bull for breakfast. They want VIP treatment with a red carpet. There’s the action code with red. These people require a completely different experience. If you show up like a blueprint, the action doesn’t want to work with you. Whereas the blueprint is inside the box, the action is totally outside the box.

All of a sudden, everything around that game changes, what you wear, the time you show up, what you bring, where you go, even if you’re going to a restaurant, and what type of restaurant changes based on the code. If you don’t know the code, unfortunately, you risk the tripwire, which gets you the no. Sometimes salespeople, business owners and real estate investors don’t know why they didn’t get the deal. We do. We know why he didn’t get the deal. It’s all based on the science that we’re teaching. The N in Bank sends for Nurturing. We use the color yellow. These are the people that are warm and friendly. Think like sunshine, sunflowers, they’ve got a heart of gold and sweet as honey. There’s that color yellow. These are the ones that are either inside or outside of the box. They’re the ones that we say recycle the box.

They care more about relationships than they care about revenue. They care more about making a difference than they do about making a dollar. The reason that they would invest or sell you their home or engage with you in any way is going to be completely based on an alternate form of currency called relationship currency. You want to make sure that you don’t accidentally screw yourself in doing business with them because a lot of people will pass over the nurturing. A lot of times they may seem broke because they gave everything away. They’re running the type of business that’s a nonprofit instead of for-profit, but their relationship currency and who they’re connected to is worth its weight in gold. It’s important that you understand how to approach them.

There are specific tripwires around each one. It’s like each code is totally booby-trapped. If you don’t know where those booby traps are, you’re going to lose the deal. The K in BANK stands for Knowledge. These are your super intellectual, logical, data-driven, scientific-type people. I use the color green, think of the Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. The little logo is green or in the movie the Matrix, the computer code that falls across the screen is green. These people want information basically for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They’re the ones that engineer the box. Of the four personality types, I usually say, “Which one takes the longest to sell to or to negotiate with?” They’re going to say, “The K.” I’m going to say, “How long does it take? I’ll give you a hint. It starts with the number four.” They’ll say, “What?” I say, “Forever.” If you have clients that ever get stuck in analysis paralysis for days, weeks and months going by and you’re like, “What’s going on? Why can’t you make a decision?”

They can’t make a decision because they don’t have enough information and they’re unwilling to be wrong. All of a sudden, when you start to understand this dynamic, what we’ve figured out by understanding the client’s BANK code is essentially exactly how to communicate, negotiate, and close the sale with them in the utmost respect and transparency. There’s no manipulation or no weird selling tactics that are happening by authentically, literally speaking the client’s code. First of all, the first thing I want your readers to understand is every person in the world is not only one of the four, but they’re a combination of all four. That’s what makes up their BANK code.

You talked about what your code is and your daughter’s code. Every person is part blueprint, action, nurturing and knowledge. Think of it like the ingredients list for a human being. A BANK code is like a pin code. If you take out your debit card and throw it into the local ATM machine, you punch in a four-digit pin code. As long as you punch the pin in the exact sequence, your money’s going to come out. The human, the person you’re dealing with, whether that’s the buyer, seller, whether that’s the vendor, any relationship for that matter, if you communicate to them in the sequence of their bank code, chances are money’s going to come out in the form of a deal, profit or negotiation.

You get what you want. If you don’t speak their code, it’s equivalent to punching into pin code in the wrong sequence. You’re not going to get anything except frustrated and a waste of time. This is where all of a sudden, the BANK codes come in. What I wanted to do is I wanted to find a way that I could crack someone’s code in less than 90 seconds. We discovered the way and we built tools and technology to be able to do that. We built an incredible lead capture system on top of it. For example, you guys go crack your code, go to Go to that link. What’s awesome is Monick has paid for you to take this assessment for free on your end.

It doesn’t cost you anything. It won’t cost your clients anything. What’s awesome is it takes you less than 90 seconds. Nobody wants to invest 20, 40, 60 minutes on an assessment. This is less than 90 seconds. Our system will kick out a personality report for them at no cost, but it’s a $97 value. It’s a gift to your prospects or your leads even on your website. That’s not why we built it as cool as that is. We built it for what happens next, which is when someone cracks their code using your link, you are going to get a report. Let’s say that you’re trying to buy a home from someone who’s selling it. You crack their code prior to your appointment or immediately after your appointment and you get a report. That says, “Your client cracks their code. Here’s their name, contact information, BANK code, and here are the top tips of how to communicate, negotiate, and close the sale.”

REIG Cheri | Sales And Influence

Sales And Influence: There’s no manipulation or no weird selling tactics that are happening by authentically and literally speaking the client’s code.


Good luck with your appointment. Take it to the Bank. Imagine having something like this. It gives you a competitive advantage in every way, and it helps you not only convert more sales, but shorten the sales cycle. You get to a yes much faster using the bank methodology and time is money. This is designed to potentially triple your sales conversions and do it in much less time, which optimizes you for not only a great business but a great life. At the end of the day, you can make a ton of money, but money is not the only thing to win in life. You want time also. That’s how the system works.

Money, time and improved relationships, you can negotiate well and you can also continue the relationship in a way. When you go on, you’ll see that there are four separate little cards that you can move. Each one has values on them. You’re finding out what people value and what’s important to them. You can speak to their values. Before we go, what was your biggest mistake in your real estate career or in your career in general, and what did you most learn from it? We learn so much more when things don’t go right.

The biggest mistake was I made a lot of decisions in my action codes. I was busy running my primary business and investing on the side. I’m action first so I would make quick decisions and didn’t do a lot of the rest of my code like the due diligence part. I partnered with people and gave people money and those weren’t always the best decisions. In some of my investments, I bought some absolute pieces of crap section 8 meth lab looking type places, site, and the scene that wasn’t good. My home was literally robbed. That was in Atlanta, Georgia. I’m trying to make quick investment decisions to add little monopoly deals to my portfolio. The home got broken into and literally over a series of weeks, every single thing was stripped out of that home.

The cabinets, the carpet, they even stole the copper pipes out of the walls. It was destroyed. That was one of my nightmare experiences. Another one that I had was when I invested cash money into a deal where they were developing supposedly. I was rolling my money as I would make my returns and roll it as they were building or developing. These guys were not on the up and up apparently. Long story short, I was buying another property. It was a home that I was going to live in. It’s a beautiful $2 million home in Southern California. I needed to put a good chunk down on that home, so I called my money due, which I was allowed to do as an investor. Long story short, after I went through that phase, they ended up saying, “Your money’s in the mail.”

They sent me a tracking number and I’ll never forget it. These guys were in Florida. They sent me a tracking number and I’m on the West coast. It was going to take a week to get there. It was going to be a check for $50,000, and I’m thinking, “Who sends a $50,000 check where it takes a week to get there?” My assistant, she was all excited because I’m using this money as my down payment money. She goes off to the office, receives the package, opens it up and was mortified. It was nothing but shredded paper. The guy had taken my money and a whole bunch of other people’s money and left the country. It was gone, vaporized. You can take $50,000 and turn it to dust.

That’s an expensive mistake. Due diligence.

This is for before I was running my BANK Code Company. I was using BANK in my sales practice, but I wasn’t using it in my deal negotiations. I wasn’t coding the people I was in business with. I wasn’t aware of what all the red flags might have been based on codes. Now, I’m at multiple degrees of black belt mastery level of BANK. Now I can completely negotiate deals way differently or even certain codes or types of people that you would do business with that would be massive red flags. Whereas in the past, I would be putting in money or making these quick decisions on some of these properties and absolutely wrong. I’ve had some horror stories in real estate. Eventually, I made my decision that I’m going to invest in my business and developing our intellectual property, trademarks and all the awesome things that we’re doing here instead of investing in some of the real properties.

What would have been some of the code red flags? How could you have seen the red flags with the code?

The truth is, in order to get more yeses, you actually have to get more yeses. Share on X

For example, let’s say if nurturing is low like in the bottom two or especially at the bottom, they have possibly no regard for the relationship currency. They’re willing to take your money and screw you. That’s a huge red flag. That doesn’t mean everyone whose nurturing code is last is going to screw you, but it is not a priority in their value systems. That would’ve been one indicator. Also, if the blueprint code was low, and the blueprint is going to be organized and structured to make sure all the contracts and fine prints are completely dialed in and in place versus if they have no disregard or no regard for that, you could find yourself on the wrong side of, “I’ve got nothing but a box of shredded paper,” and they’re gone. Now that I know what I know, that’s the point of knowing.

I get so excited about this. Once you learn it, you do start to see the whole world in code. Quick aside, I was watching the Fyre documentary. I don’t know if you’ve heard of it. It’s on Netflix and another one on Hulu, but it’s about this guy who’s a high A and probably low on the B and the N, who sells a crazy music festival and it ends up a disaster. He was defrauding all of these people, but it’s pretty insane and you’re watching it going, “Oh man.” There’s a lot of A, but low with the important things that you need to also do the business. Before we get into our end of show trinity, which is a brag, gratitude, and a desire, where should people go to find out more about you and BANK Code? Do they need to go to

Everybody should go crack your code. You guys should experience this. I was interviewed by They’re doing an article on the future of sales and we’re developing artificial intelligence. We’re launching it. Imagine an artificial intelligence that can tell you the BANK Code and exactly how to interact with people virtually through artificial intelligence. The future of sales is going to get amazing. If you guys want to follow us, you should hook your wagon to us. Crack your code number one. Number two, if you want to check out our website, you can go to and that’s an access code. Monick is one of our clients. We have a cool affiliate program because we want to share the love. Our message is being shared all over the world.

When you go to this website and use the access code Monick, that’s going to unlock some cool gifts for you. If you want to download our white paper and you want to read about the research behind BANK, San Francisco State University did a study on it. They wanted to see is this stuff valid, or is this hocus pocus? They published a formal white paper and they said, “BANK is the only methodology in the world that’s been scientifically validated to predict buying behavior in less than 90 seconds.” That has value to you in your investing and your guys’ portfolio and relationships and whatnot. It could be a game-changer. Les Brown gave him an amazing quote. He’s like, “BANK is a game-changer for every entrepreneur and sales professional.”

His quote says, “The system’s going to strengthen your confidence because we’re going to teach you exactly what to say to every code. That way you don’t get a big fat no in your face, expand your selling skills cause no matter what sales skills you’ve ever learned, and there are lots of great programs out there, this is going to level it up.” It’s going to weaponize you in a way that makes you unstoppable and dramatically increase your income. That’s why we call it BANK. Take me to the bank. This is about putting money in the bank and doing the right thing for your customers at the same time. It’s an all-around win-win. It’s Monick is the access code you get who gets some awesome gifts unlocked and you can crack your code.

One last thing I’ll say out there for those of you that are investors, if you guys are looking for a side hustle, extra revenue, get ahold of Monick. There’s a cool affiliate program and we’re looking for certified trainers. We’re looking for people who would like to teach this type of thing. If you’re the type that likes to get up and talk about BANK and put an extra $5,000, $10,000, $15,000, $20,000 in your pocket a day, that’s what I love about real estate investors. You can go through a trainer certification program and teach this. Monick can get you the hookup on everything that’s happened in here. You can find information, watch some webinars and all that stuff on her website.

It’s so exciting. It’s great. It has been game-changing for me, personally and professionally. Thank you. We’re going do our Trinity. What’s your brag?

I’m happy about interviewing us on the topic of the future of sales. We landed a Google corporate account. Google HQ contracted with our company for us to start training their internal sales teams. That’s huge. I may have another big one coming up here where I might be speaking at the United Nations Summit over in Switzerland.

REIG Cheri | Sales And Influence

Sales And Influence: If you communicate to others in the sequence of their BANK code, chances are money’s going to come out in the form of a deal, profit, negotiation, etc.


That’s well- bragged. What’s one thing you’re grateful for?

I’m grateful for this methodology. It impacted every part of my life. If you read in my book, if you guys get the book, Why They Buy, I have a section in there called Inside the Vault and I share something personal. After I made millions in business as a sales rep, long story short, I left the company, they sued me for different reasons. They were scared that I was going to go create a competitive company for them. Long story short, I filed chapter 7 bankruptcy and lost everything. They escalated the thing to federal court. It was like Erin Brockovich style. I ended up moving into an industrial-sized storage unit in Southern California for eighteen months with no running water.

I got a gym membership so I could shower and a five-gallon bucket and I made that my toilet literally for eighteen months. I rebuilt my entire financial life from that storage unit. Everybody has down and out stories. It’s not just me. I went through it because a couple of things happened. One, I lost my attachment to money because when you make a lot of it, you certainly start to spend it like it never goes away. I grew my attachment to people into my purpose. I’m so thankful for that because it changed who I am today, and being purpose-driven, not only profit-driven. The summit that I may be speaking at for the United Nations is an AI for good summit. In other words, how could artificial intelligence help the world as opposed to hurt the world?

We believe our BANK methodology is way beyond the sales process. It’s impacting lives, preventing suicide, stopping bullying and all kinds of those cool stuff. I’m excited about that. When I was in the storage unit and needed financial wins, if any of you readers are like, “I’ve got to put food on the table,” you need to cover your rent payment or if you’re trying to scrape together money for your first deal and negotiation in real estate. I remember those days I needed to get a yes badly. I couldn’t afford a no. The BANK training for me went from white belt to black belt. It may be so much better at every single time I got up to bat hitting that ball until I became Babe Ruth with it. That skillset allowed me to dig myself back out of a deep hole and give myself a shot at life and financial wealth again without being down and out for the count.

That’s beautiful. I love that. Last but certainly not least, what’s one thing you desire?

My big desire is our mission as a company to create one world, one language. I desire a world that is functional instead of dysfunctional, where the human race likes each other and gets along. I believe that there is some form of utopia. Our hashtag #OneWorldOneLanguage, our philosophy is we live on a planet with 7 billion people and 6,500 foreign languages spoken on the planet, but only one language that has the power to connect the entire human race. We call that Language Bank, the language of people. At the end of the day, the human race is only for different types of people. No matter what country, culture, ethnicity, religion, or whatever, whatever you want to classify the mass, there are only four codes that are spoken on the planet. When you learn those codes, you have a way better life, business, relationships, marriage and children. Everything changes, that’s my big one.

So shall it be or so much better than you can imagine.

I love that tagline. That’s a good one.

Thank you so much. This was awesome. We could have gone on for another ten hours because I love this stuff and it is life-changing. Please do go check it out, or if you go to my website at and go under resources, you’ll also be able to go to BANK Code and find out more about that and other things and connect with me. Thank you, Cheri. For the audience, thank you for being here and reading and join us next time for another amazing Real Estate Investor Goddess interview. Bye.

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REIG Cheri | Sales And InfluenceCheri Tree is a best-selling author, professional keynote speaker, and world-renowned entrepreneur. She is the Founder and Chairman of Codebreaker Technologies, Inc., with clients in more than 100 countries worldwide. She is the creator of the revolutionary B.A.N.K. methodology and Codebreaker’s Personality Coding Technology, designed to help business owners close more sales in less time and improve their communication skills and personal relationships.

Cheri has spoken to hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs and professionals globally at some of the top business conferences in the world. She has also been invited to speak at Harvard University, the University of California, Google, and the United Nations.

In addition, Cheri has been featured in numerous international publications including and and has been nominated as innovator of the year and entrepreneur of the year because of the breakthroughs created from her Personality Coding Technology, including Codebreaker AI, the world’s first Artificial Intelligence powered by B.A.N.K.