The Real Estate Investor Goddesses Podcast

In the Real Estate Investor Goddesses Podcast, Monick Halm interviews women who are rocking it in real estate investment and we discuss real estate, pleasure, investing, money mindset, and whatever else comes to mind.

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Episode Blogs

REIG Nancy | Lessons In Real Estate
  There are always risks and horror stories in any business. But for every risk and horror story, there are lessons in real estate that will help you thrive and succeed. Today’s guest is Nancy Chillag, the founder and CEO
REIG Kathy | Corporate To Real Estate
  Are you sick and tired of the 6-day, 8-hour job in the corporate world that prevents you from doing the things you love? In this episode, Kathy Kennebrook, known as the Marketing Magic Lady, sits down with Monick Halm
REIG Jennifer Ludington | Real Estate Freedom
  It is time for women to explore all sides of who they are and unapologetically step into their power without asking for external validation. And they can do that through creating impact, legacy, and wealth freedom. Jennifer Ludington found real estate
REIG Barbara Huson | Attracting Money
  How do you attract money into your life? Many women have been told that handling and managing money is a man’s job, resulting in women being afraid of money. So they end up repelling rather than attracting wealth! Barbara Huson, the author
REIG Jessilyn | Money Mindset
  Tony Robbins once said that success is 20% strategy and 80% psychology. This has never been more true than in the investing game, where almost everything depends on your money mindset. Taking that to heart in the way she