The Real Estate Investor Goddesses Podcast

In the Real Estate Investor Goddesses Podcast, Monick Halm interviews badass women real estate investors – women who are crushing it in the real estate investing game. They share their biggest mistakes, the best advice, and their tips and tricks for women to be successful in real estate whether you are a newbie, or already building your portfolio.

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Episode Blogs

REIG Tamar | Avoid Hidden Fees
  Hidden fees may cost you money and you’re not aware of it. You need to take charge and protect your finances. Monick Halm’s guest today is Tamar Hermes, the CEO and founder of Wealth Warrior Woman. Tamar discusses with
REIG Attiyah | Going Into Real Estate
  Meet Attiyah Blair. She’s a multifamily real estate investor who focuses on rehabbing distressed properties. With her company, The Real Estate Reset, she is turning these properties into beautiful homes. One of Attiyah’s goals is to share her knowledge
REIG Hannah | The Money Multiplier Method
  Nothing speaks of generational wealth better than someone who has followed the footsteps of their parents on the same path to financial freedom. A second-generation member of The Money Multiplier Method, Hannah Kesler is the perfect example of such
REIG Christy Duckett-Harris | Finding Balance
  As a mom, balancing work life with personal life can be really stressful. What more if your work is in real estate. Learn how to find balance in your life with real estate investor and supermom, Christy Duckett-Harris. Aside from
REIG Alicia | Outside America
  Working in real estate is hard enough but working in real estate outside of America, that’s twice as hard. Apparently not too hard for Alicia Jarrett, who is working in Australia. Alicia is the co-founder of a number of